Tradition of old dhaka”TomTom”

As we know that Old dhaka is very traditional place. Thats why i like that place very much. Though the place was very crowded, i like it. Because of their culture as well as transportation. We can see TomTom gari on the streets of old dhaka. Its a  tradition of old dhaka. Actually this TomTom gari is run by the help of two horses. This why TomTom gari is very speccial for any places.In old dhaka this TomTom gari is run as a transportation. I never ride on this. But I hope  i will ride on it.people of different places can ride on it by pay.I often see Tomtom gari when i go to old dhaka. I also see it on the streets of dhaka university.


Hindu festival

People of the old dhaka enjoyed very much when any  occation come. specially when the hindu festival come. “HOLI” is basically a hindu festival.The people of old dhaka celebrates holi very crazyly. Like that time they celebrate it by using the diffrent colours. Basically they play with the colours.At that time they also drinks, doing lots of fun.They give colours to the others face, hands. I went to the old dhaka long time ago while the holy celebrated. One of my friend is hindu and that time he made my face full of clours.


I went to the old dhaka in my friend’s  house during their festival. Actually old Dhaka people celebrates ‘Paush Shankranti’- the last day of Bangla month Paush with all their neighbors and relatives. This traditional festival is locally known as ‘Shakhrine’. They rejoice themselves flying colorful kite in the day and fire works in the evening.

Street Barber of old dhaka

We have been found many people who are the customer of street barber. Basically street barber is very cheap. Mostly the poor people are the customer of street barber. They don’t earn so much money thats why they go for street barber. In this business there are many people involved who are lived in old dhaka.

Goat sellers in old dhaka

We have found many goat sellers in old dhaka during Eid-Ul-Fitre. I remember that long time ago me and my friend went to the old dhaka. My friend bought a goat during Eid. Goat hat have been found in the street of old dhaka

Street in old dhaka

Photo: Internet

This is a shot of Hindu Street in Old Dhaka. This is very busy place. whenever i go to old dhaka i had to cross this road. Every time I saw many rickshaw on this road. actually this is very narrow road. So if many rickshaw entered on this road the jam occured.

Sweet shop in Old dhaka

I like the sweets of old dhaka. Sweets is very famous in old dhaka. Thats why i sometime bought sweets from old dhaka even if i lived in new dhaka. lal jam,kalo jam, sondesh, rosogolla, balushai i like the most. These sweets also can found in new dhaka shop but the sweets of old dhaka is special for me because of taste.


Bakharkhani is very famous in old dhaka.Whenever i went to the old dhaka, i ate bakharkhani.  And i also sometime take it when i back home from old dhaka. Actually when i went to my friend house in old dhaka i saw shop of bakharkhani most of the places. And also there was bakharkhani made.

Pilkhana Tragedy

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Some days ago an incident occurred in Dhaka. It was just unexpected. For this incident, people of Bangladesh have been shocked. We still can’t imagine that how it happened. But the fact is that there was something happened for that we are mourn.

On 25th February, suddenly thousands of soldiers from Bangladesh Riffles (BDR) staged a revolt against their army officers and their families. For that occurrence many army officers and their families have been died. Some of their bodies have been found in the mass grave and some bodies have been burnt. Mutinous soldiers have been surrender on 26th after negotiation with government officials.

The reports stated that the BDR forces were fighting to protest poor working conditions, deprivations of rights, other justices they suffered as a result of corruption within the army. For that we thought that taking up arms against the army was just an extreme reaction. But when we started to know the massacre inside the BDR Head quarters then we can able to realize that its not just a revolt. This tragic was a preplanned conspiracy. May be Some of the culprits came inside the BDR and they forced other soldiers to mutiny. Or may be culprits encouraged other soldiers to do this kind of dirty stuffs.

Through this incidents the conspirators tried to bring the division among the security forces to weaken the security of the state. They also tried to weaken the army by killing a highly trained officers.

This is a tragic events. This tragic events is more speechless when we saw on the television that 60 people Janaza were held in parade ground. The relatives of that death army officers were present in Janaja. Their crying scene made up so upset. It was pathetic. We shall never know how a wife felt while she identifying her husband in the mass grave.

We just want to know that who are the main culprits? What are their motives? We also want that Bangladesh Government should find out the main culprits by investigation and punish them by law. We offers deepest condolences the families of those that lost their lives in Pilkhana.

Hindu Statuettes Seller in old dhaka

Picture: Internet

I saw some statuettes sellers in old dhaka. They sell statuettes in the street. We can see many statuettes  on the occasion of the Hindu festival of Maha shivaratri. Hinduism is the second largest religious affiliation in Bangladesh after Islam with an estimated 10.5% of the population as practising Hindus.

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